S-Glutathionylation: Indicator of Cell Stress and Regulator of the Unfolded Protein Response

Table 2:

S-glutathionylated proteins identified in human diseases.

Protein Diseasea UPR activation
a Only those diseases in which S-glutathionylated proteins have been identified are shown.
b Numbers in parentheses indicate cited references.
Actin (85)b Ischemia/Cardiovascular disease
 Friedreich’s ataxia Yes (86)
Tau (87) Alzheimer’s disease Yes (88)
Hemoglobin (89) Type 2 diabetes Yes (90)
CTFR (81) Cystic fibrosis Yes (91)
γ-S-crystallin (92) Cataract disease Yes (93)
Spectrin (57) Sickle cell anemia No

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