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A parametric study is conducted to characterize the flow throughout supersonic flow bleed regions and to investigate the effects of free stream Reynolds number and incoming boundary layer thickness. Numerical solutions of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations are obtained in a domain that includes the passages within a bleed-hole row and plenum in addition to the external flow. A turbulence model based on the two-equation SST model is employed to enable the resolution of large separated flow regions inside the normal bleed holes. Computational results are presented to show the effects of free stream Reynolds number on the external flow above and downstream of the bleed region. Stagnation pressure contours are compared at various stream-wise locations for different incoming boundary layer thicknesses as well. The results show that the freestream Reynolds number has a strong influence on the total pressure distortion and on the secondary flow in the cross sectional planes downstream of the bleed region.

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International Journal of Flow Control

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